Temples of the Moon ~ A Community Space
Temples of the Moon ~ A Community Space

Welcome to Temples of the Moon ~ A Community Space

Let's embark on this cosmic adventure together and discover the wonders of the universe within us.

Welcome to Temples of the Moon.

This is a sacred space to drop in deeper with the cosmic dance and divine timing of your own life. I invite you to come open and receptive to expansion. It is happening! Let's celebrate, honor, let the revolution happen, and support one another in these monumental times we are living in. 

Astrology is a key to the soul and cosmos, and our birth charts are soul maps holding beautiful codes of light and shadow and all of the shades on the beautiful spectrum of this human experience.  It's the language of the stars understood by us through the archetypes and mythos of the human psyche. 

Let's enjoy the exploration together! I am delighted that you are joining me! May you count your blessings as many as stars in the sky! ~ Jessica

What You'll Find in the Community

Our community, courses, and memberships are special. We’re focused on the ways that will make a difference in your life.

Jessica offers an experiential journey of astrology in a way that you are able to feel and embody the teachings deeply.  By cultivating personal alignment and connection with the cosmic cycles and seasons, you can harmonize your psyche and personal journey in a way that is perfect for you! 

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Temples of the Moon:

  • Uncover the hidden codes of your birth chart, providing profound insights into your unique life path and personal evolution.
  • Connect and support others navigating their soul journeys, enhancing your sense of community and shared experience.
  • Engage with the language of the stars, adding a layer of cosmic perspective to your understanding of the human experience.

When You Join Today

When you join Temples of the Moon today, you’ll get access to:

  • Exclusive Astrology Content and Jessica's own personal Venus Diaries ~ a more vulnerable interpretation of the cosmic patterns in real life. 
  • A sneak peek into the Zodiac Vault: A Monthly Masterclass Membership  Experience the truly inspiring energy of our school through engaging in our one-of-a-kind monthly events. This course offers a continual journey in deciphering astrological charts designed for every level.
  • Astrology Chats and Q&A: Engage in illuminating conversations with fellow members through posts and chat sessions. These are centered around astrology and the mysteries of the universe, allowing members to share insights, explore perspectives, and deepen their understanding of the cosmic journey. You are invited to add to the Library of Astrology questions and answers. 
  • A sneak peek into Psyche ~ An Evolutionary Astrology SchoolFor those who wish to embrace the full spectrum of understanding how to read astrological charts and even become an astrologer! Note: "Evolutionary Astrology" is a specific branch of astrology that focuses specifically on the soul's mission through its evolutionary journey of consciousness.  Jessica has twenty years of professional training in this method.